Team Message

                                                           CEO MESSAGE

I welcome you to MORE STAMPS GLOBAL website. I hope the information here provides you with a greater understanding of our company, our brand promise, and our core beliefs.

More Stamps Global (MSG) was birthed from the zeal and hunger to offer freedom of movement and hassle-free travels to the world at large. This enthusiasm led to proper study and research of the travel and tourism industry to enable us to invent better and cheaper methods of embarking on journeys to any part of the World.

Our search for a better travel means led us to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies equipping us with a potent weapon to revolutionize the travel and tourism sector.
With the blockchain technology, we have integrated over 40 cryptocurrencies into our payment system.

We believe with these innovations; we have brought the World at large to your doorstep;
                 We believe in  blockchain
                 We believe in cryptocurrencies
                 We believe in freedoom
                 We believe in togetherness
                 We believe in equity
                 We believe in safe travels,
                 We believe in the cheaper travel and booking deals for everyone!
We are poised to make this happen as we uphold and defend our motto for each user which states
“Freedom of Movement. More Stamps In My Passport”.

On behalf of the MSG team, I welcome you to be a part of this revolution.
Think MSG! Think FREEDOM!
With MSG you have the passport to the World.  
Freedom Of Movement More Stamps In My Passport!!!

Best Regards
Patrick Amoah