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The best things to do in Rome


The best things to do in Rome

There are many cities that are famous for their capacity to attract tourists. Rome arguably stands shoulders above the rest. The city is rich in history and it is only natural to marvel at how Rome combines civilization and ancient sights with such grace. The city is one that begs to be explored and one you’ll definitely love to revisit. Even Romans admit it’ll take more than a lifetime to explore all of Rome. But for a tourist looking to have the best Roman experience in a short time, you cannot afford leave certain sights out of your itinerary. Below are four of the best things to do in Rome:

The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi fountain stands proudly among a cluster of boutiques and hotels in an area that boasts a vibrant nightlife. The dominant figure of Oceanus, the mythological sea god lights up the fountain. The god is surrounded by smaller but equally magnificent Tritons. A golden sheen lights up the fountain at night. It’s hard to behold Trevi in all its glory and argue against the premise that it’s the best fountain in the world.

Dating back as far back as 19 B.C., the Trevi fountain is one of Rome’s oldest water sources. The Baroque masterpiece we see today was completed in the middle of the 18th Century. Its rich history further serves to add to the glamor and it recently underwent a massive renovation. As you would expect from any popular tourist sight, the Trevi fountain is hardly ever devoid of a crowd. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see people throwing coins into the fountain with their right hands over their left shoulders. As the myth goes, this act is your ticket back to Rome. If you throw two coins, you’ll come back and fall in love with an attractive Roman. Throw three and you’re sealing your chances of marrying the attractive Roman. Naturally, you’d expect to find a lot of coins in the fountain. But do not attempt to take any. Stealing coins from the Trevi is a punishable crime.

St. Peter’s Basilica

This has to be the most famous church anywhere in the world. The St. Peter’s Cathedral is the seat of Roman Catholicism and it attracts all kinds of tourists from all over the world. The architecture is breathtaking, to say the least, and the interior of the cathedral would leave you in awe. Many tourists enjoying climbing the over 500 steps that lead to the summit of the cathedral. The views you’ll enjoy from the top are nothing short of stunning.

The cathedral also boasts a rich history. It is famous for being the site where St. Peter was crucified. The interior of the church houses many Renaissance art pieces. La Pieta, one of Michelangelo’s masterpieces appear to be the highlight. If you are interested, you could also go see St Peter’s tom And you can pay the section that houses the tombs of the popes that have passed on a visit.

When visiting, you should bear in mind that more than a tourist attraction, the Basilica is an actual church. There are dress codes you must adhere to and you may choose to visit during any of the daily masses. If you go on a Wednesday, you may be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Pope. You could actually check their website to see if the Pope is in residence if you hold seeing the Pope dear.

The Pantheon

Now a modern-day church, the Pantheon was a former Roman temple. The architecture is stunning and the attention to detail leaves you doubting if the building was actually raised 120 years before the advent of Christ. Such is the magnificence of the Pantheon. Famous Roman emperors such as Raphael, Umberto I were buried at the Pantheon.

For all its beauty and magnificence, the Pantheon is a completely free attraction. The location is also cozy and you could stop to have a light lunch or breakfast as the case may be. If you are passionate about the history, you may pay a tour guide to provide a detailed tour of the Pantheon.

The Colosseum

Paying a visit to the Colosseum is one of the most famous things to do in Rome. The now world-famous site was opened around 80 A.D. It is the arena for numerous gladiator fights; pure entertainment back then but not so much when you think about it these days. Nevertheless, the architectural wonder still remains a sight to behold to this day. Tourists usually visit the Colosseum together with the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. A tour guide would make your visit richer and more memorable.

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