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More Stamps Global With MSGToken Expanding Its Travel Inventories and Services


Enjoying an exotic vacation may not only be a dream for you. Spending quality family time with your spouse, kids, and dear ones are among the basic necessities for all of us. However, it largely depends on the place where you want to set off to spend some time away from your monotonous life. Looking at the technology-driven life these days, at times it becomes mandatory to invest in the holiday experience to be in the memory.

To be a great memory, your vacation must be very well planned. Everything needs to be done in an order and you must have enough finances for you to enjoy the best experience. The more demanded places you select to enjoy a vacation, the more pressure will be on your pocket indeed. But hold on, this does not mean at all that you should never dream for exotic vacations if you live your life from hand to mouth.

All of us wish to be cost-effective and ensure exotic vacations that are worthy to put in the album of our lives. You can cut the cost by

•Choosing the travel consultancy and hotels vigilantly and for this, you will have to take your time and shop around leisurely

•Always prefer going for the packages and offers in promotions

•Look for the discounted packages in hotels

•Select a traveling consultant who charges reasonably       

Where you can find a traveling consultant who will meet all the aforementioned requirements? Let us help you; you can always rely on us, i.e. More Stamps Global with MSGToken. In the following piece of writing, we will be enlightening you how we can help you in enjoying an exotic vacation with your family and yet without any financial pressure. Don’t believe me? Well, continue reading the underlined writing and you will know the facts and figures.

What is More Stamps Global? Well, it is a name that takes it origin to amuse the users with freedom of movement around the world in a hassle-free manner. After a comprehensive study of the travel and tourism industry, we have been able to come up with better and reasonably priced ways of journeys to any part of the world.

It was our continuous efforts that led us to explore and make use of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that allowed us to revolutionize the world of tourism and travel. With the integration of 40 and over cryptocurrencies, the payment system has been enhanced. With this mode of payment, at MSG; we believe in blockchain, freedom, cryptocurrencies, equity, togetherness, and safe and cheaper travels. In other words, we have had an easy access to the expansion of our project with cryptocurrency and to be specific with MSG tokens.             

What is this MSG token? is one of the projects of the more where MSG tokens are 100% utility tokens. Using this platform is synonymous to investing in the tokens as promo codes. These codes entitle the token holder to enjoy 5% to 30% discounts on the trip deals, hotels, and flights.                                        

Once this token is bought, the crowd sale participants will be allowed to use the MSG token right away as soon as the platform is done. Afterward, these participants will have a couple of options i.e.

•Purchase the flights as well as hotels completely via these tokens

•Cover up the fee with a small number of tokens on every reserved trip and then pay out the rest of the amount in any currency via the platform   

In return, this will be a motivating factor for the people to hold their tokens and wait for the increased demand for these tokens on the exchanges. If you want to enjoy more discounts somewhere between 10-30% then it is suggested to you to buy these MSG tokens either directly on exchanges or More stamps websites.

Prominent features of More Stamps Global: Some of the services offered by More Stamps Global are as follows:

Flights: We amuse our valued customers with detailed information about all the flights to and from different regions of the world. You are given liberty to select your own flight schedules, with date and time. You can select which class you want as well as the number of people escorting you. 600 plus flights are there for you to make a selection from. In addition to this, our flights’ tracking system is there to entertain you along with the several other facilities as mentioned below:

Flight status:

Flight Status deals with questions such as:

•Is my flight on time?

•How long is the delay?

•Is it canceled?

•What are my departure or arrival gate and terminal?

•What type of plane is used on this flight?

   Flight tracking:

Flight Track consists of positional information and updates needed to create flight tracking and answers questions such as:

•What is the planned flight path for this flight?

•Where is it now?

•Where has it been up to now?

Hotels: There is a list of hotels with us allowing you to make a selection for the ones of your own choice. All the relevant details are given on the site to ensure that you are entertained with the lavish hotels yet at cheaper prices with our discount offers. We have around 600,000 and plus hotels on our list. Is it enough to satisfy your hunt?

Sightseeing: We are well aware of the fact that vacation is nothing without sightseeing. Hence we make sure that you do not miss sightseeing at any of your vacation destination in any manner. We have a list of 100,000 plus sights with us and we make sure that you do not miss out any of these.

Upcoming facilities: In addition to these above-mentioned facilities, we have planned several other facilities for you and all of these will be live and functional by June 2019. Details of some of these are as follows:

Airport lounges:

•We have access to the best worldwide network of lounges – Pre-bookable lounges in over 500 lounges worldwide, 97 countries and at over 250 airports

•As well as extended stay lounges available for transit passengers for longer stays for up to 4/5/6 hours at over 22 airports.

•We can deliver the lounges that you want. Covering 60 countries, including our top-selling lounges and coverage.

•Access to lounges is guaranteed and is regardless of the customers class of travel and there are no subscription or membership fees.

•Complimentary refreshments and snacks along with comfy seating to relax in.

•Wi-Fi, internet access, business facilities, some lounges even provide conference rooms and gaming devices

•Bookings can be made up to 15 months in advance

•Easy to use with a simple 3 step booking process with over 40 cryptocurrencies and tokens including BTC, LTC, ETH etc.


•Our cruise tools help our clients better qualify and identify their specific preferences, and provide specials based on their individual requirements.

•Easily access a multi-fare display compares up to four fare codes per cabin category and gives you access to our unique, negotiated cabin pricing.

•Make use of our engaging visual content View pictures of cabins, deck plans, and layouts to help our customers choose the right travel options.

•Cruise information for more than 100 cruise lines worldwide

•All brochure descriptions – ship, port, cabins, itineraries in your language.

•Compare and filter options of search results

•Pricing from cruise line flat files, with live pricing where possible

•Group bookings and cabin allocations


Our tools provide the largest aggregated rail content integrating with Europe’s and North America’s leading rail operators.

The solution supports intelligent search and among others offers key features such as:

•Fares: special, standard & discounted fares;

•Ticketing & Fulfilment: ticket on departure, print at home, e-ticket;


•Services: meals, seat selection;

•Post Booking: ticket cancellations.

Event Tickets:

Whether you’re a fan of Sports, Concerts, Theater, or Comedy, MSG event tickets site has tickets to see them all! There are thousands of events happening every day, so be sure to search our event tickets site to get the best ticket selection. Whether you’re looking for an event near home or far away, purchase your MSG event tickets here!

Mobile Recharge:

In some countries, airtime is known as prepaid phone credit or mobile credit or load top up.

Our top-up services connect to over 500 operators around the world. We open up the world of selling top-up to a whole new audience!

Global Weather:

Worldwide accurate weather data for over 4 million cities and towns. Current weather is frequently updated based on global models and data from more than 40,000 weather stations.

•The 14-day forecast is available at any location or city

•The 14-day forecast includes daily weather

•We provide city historical weather data for 37,000+ cities

•In this service included Accumulated temperature and Accumulated precipitation data (rain, snow, sleet, or hail — any kind of weather condition where something’s falling from the sky)

Are you wondering how you will access all the relevant information? Well don’t worry; you can easily be presented to the needed information by using the following:

•City or town name

•Latitude and Longitude (decimal degree)

•UK postcode

•US ZIP code

•Canada postal code

•IP address

•Auto IP detection

•Airport code


You can make all kinds of payments with over 40 cryptocurrencies.

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