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More Stamps Global Announces Their New Brand Identity


With the competitive travel agencies becoming the best is now an antagonism, thus along with providing the freedom of movement and travelling across, more stamps global have launched innovative identity engrossing the freedom of business improvement by introducing their new logo to give a better picture behind their business perspective.

Hungary (EU), 27th October 2018- An updated brad identity plays an important role in marketing and portraying a much clearer image at any stage of life. After years of serving in travel industry More Stamps Global have marked another milestone in their improvement. A logo stands out and is the first impression of any business portfolio.

It’s a big news hyped in the market about More Stamps Global, as the new look can be seen everywhere on social media. As told by the company the design was to match better at how they look into the values and their travel goals. It appears much prominent clearly depicting the traveling firm that they mainly are.

After years of its former traveling upgraded services this is the first biggest logo change for the company. Logo has been designed like so, to speak for itself. The new logo will take its time to dig its roots deep in the company profile but the predicted time is very less as it is indeed eye catching and depicts the message clearly.

As newness is freshness to the company’s profile as can be seen at this gives a great impression of more stamps global over all. It is predicted of the business inflow that the company will get more customers due to its active improvements. 2018 has marked its success lining for the company and according to statistics the global traveling has increased over years thus it show more business to come for the company.

Logo improvement plays a vital role in company’s portfolio; the cosmetic change is the first thing that customers will look into. Thus the brand should always gesture betterment to attract the customers towards their service. Change reflects evolving business and over years of reputable identity more stamps global have now reinvented its identity for its potential growth.

About Company- More Stamps Global:

It is an online portal to book your trips with the flexibility of payment methods. More stamps global accept more than 40 crypto-currencies and provide the best travel deals to choose from. It’s a travel agency based in Hungary and helps you travel across the world with the best travel deals and comfort. More stamp global aims to make the trip effortless and pleasurable, and this all can be done online through the website. Further about the company profile can be read over

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Company Name: More Stamps Global

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